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About IFE Elevators & Escalators

IFE Elevators & Escalators Australia specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and service of a broad range of elevators, escalators and moving walks for both commercial and residential buildings as well as for your residential premises.

We are a trusted brand name that was established in 1998 and have been manufacturing our products for over 20 years. Our products are of Australian Standard Compliance and we currently have a presence in around 50 countries.

Currently based in Perth, Western Australia, IFE Elevators & Escalators have been supplying lifts and providing maintenance service to Australia for over 10 years. By 2016, IFE had handed over more than 100 projects to its customers across Australia. Celebrating 10th years anniversary in Australia, IFE has been supplying lifts and providing maintenance service to Australia’s marketplace since 2009. We are proud to support Australia’s development with a one-stop solution over years recognised by Australia’s well-known developers, builders and owners. For better advantage of our local customers, IFE Australia is now trading as direct operation of IFE group, IFE Elevators Co Ltd, a public listed company in China.

IFE is a comprehensive vertical transport solution provider for over 20 years with reference installations in about 50 countries and areas worldwide. With the strong support from the manufacturer, IFE Australia is more competitive in quality, service, parts storage, and cost-effectiveness.

IFE is not only offering a product, with the understanding of Australia’s customer, but we are also providing you the quality equipment solution, responsive service and cost-effectiveness all the time.

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